Professional Santas can make as much as $20,000 in one holiday season—here’s what it takes – CNBC

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Jorge Casanova is a retipurple plumber who has been working as Educated Santa for about seven yrs. Wiskinny the months main As a lot as Christmas, Yow will uncover Casanova greeting park-goers and taking photographs with househpreviouss at Santa’s Enchanted Forest, A journey amusement park in Hialeah, Florida, he currently tprevious LinkedIn.

Every July, Casanova grows out his beard, and in August, he bleaches his eyebrows, beard and hair silvery white to match Santa’s. He furtherly starts being extra relaxed about his food regimen as a Outcome of, as Casanova tprevious LinkedIn, “Nobody likes A skinny Santa.” 

Being Santa, “is a reward wiskinny itself,” Based mostly on Casanova. Neverthemuch less It is furtherly pretty a profitable gig, says A mannequin new LinkedIn report on expert Santas.

The economics of being Santa

Fifty-5 % of expert Santas on LinkedIn Positioned on their purple go well withs and unfprevious Christmas cheer as their full-time job, Based mostly on the platform’s report.

Mitch Allen, founder and “head elf” at Lease Santa, An group which assists consumers e-book Santas all by way of America, tells CNBC Make It that outdoors of The journey season, his Santas discover work at yr-spherical Christmas shops, displaying at “Christmas in July” themed events and go toing sufferers at hospitals, amongst completely different gigs.

People who work half-time as Santa over The journeys are principally small enterprise house owners, Based mostly on LinkedIn.

And the placeas legfinishs declare that Saint Nick Is almost 2,000 yrs previous, most Santas (39.14%) are Baby Boomers, which LinkedIn identifies as these born between 1946 and 1964. About 27% of Santas are Millennials, these born between 1981 and 1996, adopted by Gen Xers (about 19%), born between 1965 and 1980, Based mostly …….


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